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Looking to cut your
worksite injury costs?

Avoid claims by learning to prevent
the injuries that hurt your bottom line

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Worksite injury claims are expensive and frustrating

  • Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) are the most common and costly injury category in the US, accounting for $1 of every $3 spent on workers compensation.
  • A company with $65,000 in costs from sprain & strain injuries would need to generate $2.1 million in addition sales (3% profit margin) just to cover the medical bills.
  • Aging workers, often the most highly skilled members of the team, also have the highest rates of MSD.

the guesswork

Learn strategies
you can put into
action right away.

cut costs

Most companies report claims reductions of 50% or more with
MSD prevention training.

Decrease lost
work days

Avoid juggling
schedules and shifts.
Your team will thank you.

Did you know that most MSDs are absolutely preventable?

Choose local professionals who care about your team

We are sports medicine professionals with over 15 years of experience helping clients on both the prevention and treatment sides of injuries, and have learned what really works to prevent MSDs. As musculoskeletal specialists we’ve taught thousands of military and industry clients how to recognize the warning signs and take action to eliminate risks. Our science-backed MSD prevention programs are built upon 30 years of research and development with over 600 companies nationwide. Read More

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Work Risk Analysis

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your MSD claims and
medical costs

MSD Made Easy Employee Training

The keystone of our system.
We teach self care to eliminate pain problems and personal risk factors

Why learn prevention?

Because it's usually much easier (and cheaper) to prevent
musculoskeletal disorders than it is to treat them.

Increase productivity and improve your bottom line
by partnering with our MSD specialists.

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Maj. General Mark A. Clark (Ret.)
US Marine Corps Forces
Special Operations Command

“Rita and Dave are by far the best I have seen in this field. Very knowledgeable, far ahead of their peers in using leading edge technology for their patients, and is very thorough in analysis/diagnosis of the problem and always, always finds a solution that fits the need of the patient. Rita and Dave achieved great results working on our MARSOC operators allowing them to quickly get back into full operational status. Wish we had more like Rita and Dave out there!”

Kevin Julian, (USMC Ret.)
Project Manager at
Devcon Construction

“I was under Rita’s care for the better part of a year after sustaining 3 herniated discs in my back.  The quality of care was such that I was able to avoid surgery & completely remove all prescriptions from my pain management regimen and return to full duty.  Following treatment, I maintained top scores of physical fitness and combat fitness tests and was medically cleared for a final combat deployment prior to retiring from the Marine Corps.  I would recommend ALPHA Performance to anyone looking to remain at peak performance.”

"When opportunity comes, it's too late to prepare." - John Wooden