On-site Injury Prevention Workshops For Your Team

Reduce claims - Stop losing work days - Stay on the job

Your team should know how to prevent costly musculoskeletal disorders

  • Injuries are costing us profits
  • We can’t complete projects on time
  • We are having trouble getting buy-in
  • Our aging workforce is growing
  • We can’t keep a consistent schedule
  • My team is tired and hurting

How It Works

We perform a work risk analysis to identify MSD risk factors specific to your workplace. We propose a range of field-tested tactics intended to reduce costly joint and soft tissue disorders.

We provide a No Lost Time Management Seminar where everyone in a leadership position can learn their roles in controlling MSDs. We suggest ways to make your MSD prevention program effective while minimizing disruptions, including managing workplace policies and attitudes.

This is the keystone of our system. We present a customized WorkSmart workshop (2 hours) to your employees. We teach your team how to take care of the working-aging body, how to avoid work pain problems, and how to implement personal ergonomics. We incorporate a special focus on retaining aging members and preventing chronic pain related opioid and substance abuse. 

  • This program is ideal for companies looking to implement fast-acting injury control strategies that boost employee engagement without hiring full time staff.

  • Our science-backed MSD prevention programs are built upon 30 years of research and development with over 600 companies nationwide. Learn more.

Work Smart Workshop Preview

Key Knowledge:

  • MSD as a blood supply issue
  • Tendinitis as a posture disorder 
  • Neck position risks arm and hand injuries
  • Back injury is much more than lifting ergonomics 
  • Age-related problems are often reversible

How To Start

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Dealing with pain or injuries yourself?

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