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Mobile Physical & Sports Therapy

Sometimes you can’t take time off to deal with pain or injuries. Driving to a clinic, waiting (and hoping!) to see the right person, and then repeating that process several times per week can be frustrating, and time-consuming, and often unnecessary.

How would you like to move to the front of the line? We come to you in the convenience of your home, gym, or office. Make your life easier by allowing our mobile service to help you get the most out of your busy day!

Online Physical & Sports Therapy

Do you find yourself always on the go and with little down time to deal with aches and pains? Maybe you are looking for some advice on workouts or exercises, or just need a point in the right direction?

At home, at work, or even in the woods, telehealth can save you time and money through a virtual “house call”. You may be surprised by how many physical issues can be solved over a simple video chat with a specialist.

Functional Movement Screening

Do you ever deal with the same injuries over and over again? Have you stopped doing sports or activities that you enjoy because you fear that the same pain or a new pain will appear? Is your fitness or performance declining and you don’t know why? 

The Functional Movement Screen can identify risk factors that might be causing repeated injuries that derail you from achieving your physical or athletic goals. We will walk you through a series of 7 tests to identify any areas or stiffness or weakness that need attention. We will then create a custom exercise program tailored to meet your needs. 


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