MSD Risk Screening and Prevention Training

Prevention For Your At-Risk Employees

On-Site Work Smart Workshops

Did you know that some of the most costly MSDs are preventable? 

Hard working teams need to know how to take care of the working body. Reduce medical costs and avoid lost time by teaching your employees how to prevent injuries, recognize their warning signs, and manage work-related pain.

Step 1: We perform a work risk analysis to identify MSD risk factors specific to your workplace. We propose a range of field-tested tactics intended to reduce costly joint and soft tissue disorders.

Step 2: We provide a management seminar where everyone in a leadership position can learn their roles in controlling MSDs. We suggest ways to make your MSD prevention program effective while minimizing disruptions, including managing workplace policies and attitudes.

Step 3: This is the keystone of our system. We present a customized WorkSmart training class to your employees. We teach your team how to take care of the working-aging body, how to avoid work pain problems, and how to implement personal ergonomics. We incorporate a special focus on retaining aging members and preventing chronic pain related opioid and substance abuse. 

Functional Movement Risk Screening

Risk Screening and Prevention Training

Do you notice that your team deals with the same pain and injuries over and over again?

Functional Movement Screening can identify personal risk factors such as muscle imbalances or flexibility issues that can result in time-loss injuries. 

Certified professionals screen your team members to identify body areas that need attention. We then teach simple, field-tested strategies to help them move more efficiently and feel better.

Screening involves short 1-on-1 assessments, often completed within 15 minutes and under usual working conditions. No special equipment or advanced preparation needed. A written report and risk mitigation suggestions are included.  

Organizations using functional movement risk screening

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