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We see clients that are looking for solutions to their problem, injury, or pain without the need for medications. 


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What Clients Are Saying...

Special Operations Capability Specialist, Age – 32

Holy cow! Where do I start? It might be easier to list what I haven’t injured. Over a period of roughly three years Rita patiently helped me recover from the following injuries: Right calf muscle tear, right hip, dislocated shoulder/impingement, lower back pain, upper back mobility, ankle mobility, shin splints, right quad minor tear, and asymmetrical arches.  Mostly just being stubborn but once I got over that, Rita was also able to fit me in her busy schedule.  Stretching combined with heat and ice; supplemented by drinking a large glass of “suck it up” and hobbling around feeling old. I quickly found out that the later was not very effective.  It only takes about ten seconds of talking to Rita to realize that she is completely invested in her work. Rita is friendly, patient, and experienced. I was very impressed with her ability to provide easily relatable explanations to complex injuries.   Making a complete recovery is one thing I wanted to achieve.. Yes, Rita did an excellent job of helping me achieve my goals.  Very satisfied with the outcomes from all treatments.  Not all physical therapist are created equal, I highly recommend Rita to anyone.