Industry Outcomes

Our mentor in the field of worksite injury prevention, Dr. Lauren Hebert, Physical Therapist, and his team in Maine ( have helped over 600 companies achieve impressive results with these programs, including:


  • ELECTRICS G, Maine: Reduced MSD lost days from 757 to 9 lost days in 1 year. 98% reduction.
  • ELECTRONICS G, New Hampshire: Reduced 67 MSD lost days from 67 to 28 days in 1 year. 60% decrease. 
  • ELECTRONICS H, Tennessee: Reduced MSD lost days from 247 to 20 days in 1 year. 92% reduction. CTD incident rated decreased 65%. Productivity improved, and valuable workplace cultural changes were recognized.
  • ELECTRONICS A, Maine: Before program 3 claims per month affecting 30% of workers. After program 30 months of no claims. Productivity increased from 85% of standard to 102% of standard.
  • CONSTRUCTION B, Maine: Reduced back-related lost days from 468 to 73 days in 1 year. 85% decrease.
  • FOUNDRY C, Michigan; Reduced Worker Comp costs from $382,000 to  $41,000. 89% decrease.


  • AMMUNITION MFG, Kansas: Reduced MSD illness rate from 8.35 to 2.32. 72% decrease.
  • FURNITURE MFG E, Vermont: 47% decrease in back lost days after back training program. 
  • HYDRAULICS MFG, Iowa; Reduced lost days from 142 to 71, 50% reduction; Reduced restricted days from 903 to 16. 98% reduction.
  • LEATHER TANNERY P, Maine: Reduced MSD costs in worst department from $330,000 to $9,000. 97% decrease
  • YACHT BUILDER, Michigan: Reduced Worker Comp bills from $500,000 to $50,000 in 1 year. 90% decrease.

Public Works:

  • GOVT OFFICES VA, Maine: Reduced MSD incident rate from 3.0% to 0.3% after program. 90% decrease.
  • CITY PUBLIC WORKS DEPT L, Maine: Musculoskeletal injury costs reduced 80% after program.
  • PUBLIC UTILITY B, Maine: Reduced back-related injury claims from 40% to 17% of claims.

In The News

Public Safety:


  • U.S. SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND, Human Performance Program, Preservation of the Force and Family initiative, established 2008.   –  “It is really an opportunity physically to get them back up to speed as quickly as we can, and we have seen some tremendous results as a function of that.” – Admiral William McRaven 2014