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Unsure What Performance Physical Therapy Is All About?
Maybe You Are Not Sure We Can Help.
Maybe You Had A Bad Experience Somewhere in The Past?

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We have many clients who were given exercises or treatments by a doctor or therapist that only helped temporarily. 


Exercises on their own often won’t make any lasting impact on your pain if you’ve been dealing with it for months or year – despite what some people believe.  


Some healthcare providers do treatments that only reduce symptoms. That’s not what performance physical therapy is all about!

Our System

Find The Root Cause

We’ll identify the real problem and explain what must be done to get you back to 100%.

Fix The Problem

We’ll design an action plan to fix the issue quickly and get you back to full strength.

Perform Better

We’ll teach you ways to increase your performance and keep the problem from coming back.

What Clients Are Saying...

Infantry Assaultman, Marine Intel Specialist – Age 39

I had recently had shoulder surgery for a SLAP tear and biceps tendinitis. After surgery I was having issues regaining my range of motion and it was causing a lot of other pain. Other Its tried to help, but with no success. Rita was able to improve the range of motion and almost completely eliminate the pain. Rita is aggressive with her methods based off her careful assessment of your problem. She takes every avenue to ensure you are getting proper care. The pain was my number one issue. Rita was able to focus on exactly what the issue was, and mitigated the pain almost immediately. Rita was the consummate professional and really takes her time to assess the people that come to see her, before she starts treatment. This allows here to focus on not just the issue, but what may be an underlying problem that may be causing the issue. Rita has kept me in the game much longer that I would have been able to otherwise.

Stay in the fight