Case Review and Expedited Treatment

Treatment For Your Injured Employees

Injury Case Review

Injury Case Review

Are there questions about when your employee will be physically ready to return to work? 

We provide medical and rehab records review, physical assessment of injuries, and return to work evaluations. We providing written recommendations for care planning and return to full duty. 

Common scenarios for case review include chronic pain, post-operative complications, and traumatic multi-joint injuries.  We work with your existing healthcare team to lend our specialty in return to duty planning. 

Expedited Physical Therapy Treatment

Work Pain Consults

Is your employee struggling to recover from an existing injury?

If standard treatment options are not achieving desired return to work results, performance-based physical therapy may be the right solution. 

Utilizing evidence-backed guidelines, we go beyond symptom relief to ensure your employee meets or exceeds the physical standards of strength, function, and work capacity necessary to perform the work.  Criterion-based programs ensure that injured employees stay moving forward in the pipeline to full duty status. Exit screening is conducted to ensure complete rehabilitation, lowering the risk of re-injury. 

The longer an injured worker is away, the harder it is to get them back!

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