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Take Care of Your Most Valuable Asset: Your People

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) are the most common and costly injury category in the US, accounting for $1 of every $3 spent on workers' compensation. Sprains, strains, tendonitis, and low back disorders are costly to treat but surprisingly simple to prevent in most cases.

Reduce medical costs and avoid lost time by teaching your employees how to prevent injuries, recognize their warning signs, and manage work-related pain.

MSD Made Easy Employee Training

We educate your team about work-related physical pain and teach field-tested strategies proven to reduce costly joint and soft tissue disorders. This program is not a dull science lecture or a yoga class. While overall employee health and wellness should be top priorities in any organization, it is not the focus of this program. 

MSD Made Easy is an onsite classroom-workshop hybrid specifically designed to teach high-ROI strategies to eliminate unnecessary injury risk and reduce workers’ comp claims and costs. Organizations may also notice increased employee productivity. Focus areas are customized to the organization, and may include topics specific to high-hazard and physical job roles, 24-hour operations, and the aging workforce. 

Functional Movement Risk Screening

Do you notice that your team deals with the same pain and injuries over and over again? Are your employees slowing down, and you don’t know why? 

Functional Movement Screening can identify personal risk factors such as muscle imbalances or joint pain that can contribute to injuries and hurt productivity. Certified professionals screen your team to identify body areas that need attention. We then teach simple, field-tested strategies to help them move more efficiently and feel better. 

Screening involves short 1-on-1 assessments, often completed within 15 minutes. There is no need to stop operations or gather employees to complete a screening initiative, and no advanced preparation or special clothing is needed. Screening under usual working conditions actually provides the most relevant results.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Prevention of work-related joint and soft tissue pain is the best way to avoid unnecessary employee medical claims and lost workdays. A maintenance plan provides a done-for-you program designed to keep your employees on the job and productive at work without disruptions to schedules and shifts. 

We take a proactive approach that addresses personal risk factors before they become costly time-loss injuries. Services include employee risk screening, work pain consults, and self-care training for common physical issues. Customize your plan for flexible onsite or online (remote) service delivery to prevent scheduling hassles and ensure your team stays up and running.