Dry Needling – Boxer Hand Injury

We figured out that our client strained a tendon in his finger on his dominant hand. And that’s going to be a problem. So what we’re going to do is try to get that to heal up a little bit faster.

Dry Needling – Boxer Hand Injury

Now that tendon runs along the hand and the muscle comes up into the forearm. So usually we’re gonna find a couple of trigger points or some tender spots here.

We want to release those (trigger points) first to get a reset, a reboot, to increase blood flow.  Then we will work on the tendon.  So first, we’re going to do some dry needling.  There’s a bunch of different techniques; this is just a straight up trigger point dry needling technique, to get a reset on that tense muscle.

What you will feel – if we hit the right spot – you will feel a dull ache, kind of like a tooth ache soreness, and you might also feel a twitch. We don’t have to have the twitch to make a change, but if we get that twitch in the muscle it is nice. It gets a reset, releasing tension to the tendon down below (in the hand) where we are going to do some scar tissue work.

If you feel a stinging or burning let me (the therapist) know so that I can readjust the needle. Sometimes we leave them (the needles) in for a minute or two. Sometimes we take them out in just a few seconds. It just depends on how long it takes the muscle to release.