Have to pass a sit and reach flexibility test? Try this mobility circuit when stretching your hamstrings doesn’t work.

how to pass sit and reach test

Do you have to pass a sit and reach flexibility test, or have you been told that you can’t touch your toes because you have tight hamstrings? Sometimes hamstrings aren’t the problem. If you’ve tried working on your flexibility without any luck, try this 5 minute circuit instead – no hamstring stretching required! In this … Read more

Do PRP Injections Work?

The topic of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injection therapy comes up quite often when knees, shoulders, or elbow injuries just aren’t healing as expected. The pros, cons, and anecdotal experiences are shared quite often in the sports and tactical medicine arenas. I’m intrigued by PRP, because I’ve tried it myself and have referred clients for the … Read more