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Is your check engine light on?

Much like your car, your body has warning signals that something might be wrong:





It’s OK to be frustrated when:

  • Advice is given without regard for your lifestyle, sport or work demands
  • Surgery is offered without explanation of how it will stop the pain
  • Painkillers are prescribed without a diagnosis of the problem or a plan for healing
  • You spend time and money on multiple visits with no results
  • You’re left hanging when it comes to the treatment finish line
  • You don’t feel momentum to get you better

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We know your time is valuable, and your ability to keep going is a top priority. The problem is, our current healthcare system is fragmented, requiring you to bounce between different providers without getting real answers or long term solutions. The worst part? “Good enough” for them is rarely good enough for you.

We understand the needs of people who live fast-paced lifestyles. Our systems are built on 15 years of lessons learned in supporting thousands of athletes and members of our military, keeping them in action no matter how imperfect the circumstances.

Stop dealing with repeated pain and injuries.
You were designed to stay on the move.

Rita & Dave Chorba

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If you have pain with movement and need to keep going,
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For the majority of physical pain and injury issues, direct access physical therapy is the fastest way to start getting better. When you discover the underlying cause, you can avoid harmful medications and unnecessary surgeries. Plus, you’ll avoid wasting time and money on treatments that only mask symptoms instead of targeting the real problem.

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