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Work-related injuries are frustrating and costly

  • Musculo-skeletal disorders (MSDs) are joint and soft tissue injuries caused by physical exertion, repetitive stress, and fatigue.
  • MSDs result in 40% more lost days than the average injury or illness, and re-injury is common.
  • Aging workers - your safest and most highly-skilled team members - also have the highest rates of MSD.







Low Back Pain

Hard-working teams need education on
how to maintain the working body

Small Teams - Rotating Crews - Non-traditional Shifts


Less pain and fatigue
improves employee

cut costs

Most companies report claims reductions of 50% or more with
MSD prevention training.

Reduce lost
work days

Avoid juggling
schedules and shifts.
Your team will thank you.

You can Stop MSD Injuries - we’ll teach you how

We are sports medicine professionals experienced in helping clients on both the prevention and treatment sides of injuries, and have learned what really works to prevent MSDs. As musculoskeletal specialists we’ve taught thousands of military and industry clients how to recognize the warning signs and take action to eliminate risks. Our science-backed MSD prevention programs are built upon 30 years of research and development with over 600 companies nationwide.Read More

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