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Much like your car, your body has warning signals that something might be wrong:





ALPHA is like an auto mechanic in many ways - we work to find and eliminate the source of your symptoms so you get relief that lasts.

We don't just care about you today, we care about what you'll look like in 5 years

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Mark Clark

“Rita is by far one of the best I have seen in this field. Very knowledgeable, far ahead of her peers in using leading edge technology for her patients, and is very through in analysis/diagnosis of the problem and always, always finds a solution that fits the need of the patient. Rita helped get me back and running in a short period of time (days) using creative methods instead of months that other PTs would have taken. She achieved great results working on our MARSOC operators allowing them to quickly get back into full operational status. Wish we had more PTs like Rita out there!”

Patricia Neil

“Top notch professionals and incredibly knowledgeable. Rita got me on the road to recovery from a knee injury after sports medicine doc said PT “wouldn’t do much” and that I’d need to rely on cortisone shots to manage the pain. I’ve been pain free with full range of motion back for 2 years now.”

Justin Watts

“Rita and Dave are 100% committed to getting you back in the fight! They work as a team to find treatment options that work for you. I always feel valued whether in office or on the move. They use their combined experience to tailor your recovery plan. The attention to detail, the one on one focus are superior. This Sailor is back in the fight and feeling 100% better. Rita and Dave got to the root of my injury. If you need a PT THIS. IS. THE. PLACE. Well worth the money spent, Military Medicine is free for a reason, if you want QUALITY care with EXPERT KNOWLEDGE ALPHA P&R is the place to go!”

"When opportunity comes, it's too late to prepare." - John Wooden